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Licentiate Diploma History and Anatomy Applications and Documents

CDs for Syllabi Music Grades 2, 3, 4 & 5, Dance Spectrum 1 Tracks for Choreography and Dance Spectrum 1 & 2 DVD now in stock from the National Office.

2018 Calendars

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Corrections to 2015 Technical Notes
Have you purchased the 2015 Technical Notes? Corrections are available for download.

Events 2018/2019

Western Australia Summer Dance 19. 21-25 January 2019

VIC Summer Ballet School 2019
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State Lucie Saronova Forms 2019 Competition
WA LSMA State Audition & National Competion form 2019

VIC LSMA State Audition & National Competion form 2019

SA LSMA State Audition & National Competion form 2019

2018 Lucie Saronova Winners
Gold Winner: Tyler Lindsay

Gold Runner Up: Joshua Hunt

Honourable Mention: Isabella Berberich

Silver Winner: Laura Griffiths

Silver Runner Up: Audrey Freeman

Silver Runner Up: Audrey Freeman

Honourable Mentions: Eliana Thorpe and Mia Zanardo