Can I enter students for Cecchetti Medals?

Yes, as long as you are a financial Cecchetti Member with a minimum qualification of Associate and/or a financial Life Member and your students meet the medal criteria and you have supplied the National Office with current copies of your First Aid and Working With Children certificates and attended a minimum of 3 PD sessions in the previous year.

Do I need to attend Professional Development sessions (PD's)?

Yes, all active Cecchetti Teachers are expected to attend a minimum of 3 PD's per year.

Do I need to maintain my First Aid & Working With Children Check (WWC)?

Yes, this is a pre requisite for active Cecchetti teachers, examination entries will be refused if you do not!

Can I enter students for Cecchetti examinations?

Yes, as long as you are a financial Cecchetti Associate or above, Pre Registered Member or a financial Life Member, have supplied the National Office with current copies of your First Aid and Working With Children certificates and attended a minimum of 3 PD sessions in the previous year.

What level students can I enter into examinations?

Pre Registered & Associate Members – up to and including Intermediate.
Associate Diploma Members – up to and including Advanced 1 & Associate.
Licentiate Members – up to and including Advanced 1 and Associate Diploma.
Licentiate Diploma Members – up to and including Advanced 1 and Licentiate.
Fellow Members – all levels including the Enrico Cecchetti Diploma.

Do I need to be a financial student member to be listed as a 'coach' on examination entries?


What is the minimum examination level to qualify for student membership?

Grade 6

What is the pre requisite for Associate examinations?

Cecchetti Intermediate

What is the Pre requisite for the Associate Diploma/Certificate IV in teaching Cecchetti classical ballet?

Cecchetti Advanced 1 & Associate

When are subscriptions due?

March 1st to secure the early bird fee.

Why haven't I received my school's examination certificates?

This could be due to several factors:
- Turn around time is usually around 8 weeks from the end of the examination session however this can be impacted on when the office actually receives the pass sheets from the State Examination Organiser
- Are you financial? Does the National Office have a copy of your current First Aid and Working With Children certificates?
- They may have been lost in the post, check with your State Examination Organiser.

At all times, please remember that your State Examination Organiser is a volunteer and as such deserves your respect, cooperation and gratitude at all times.



Digital Download Help 

Will I receive notification my purchase has been successful?

Once the purchase through PayPal is complete, an automated email from Cecchetti Ballet will be sent to you with instructions. PayPal payment notification is sent from PayPal separately.

Can I download to a mobile device such as my smart phone or tablet device?


That depends upon your purchase and your device.  Technical notes are in pdf format and can be downloaded directly to any device. However, Digital Music downloads are mp3 files in a zipped file so it depends upon your device.  I suggest you research your device and the manufacturers instruction on how it deals with zipped files.

Our service is not like iTune Music, the downloads are packaged in a zip compressed file and may need to be downloaded to a Desktop or Laptop/Notebook Computer. Mobile devices such as iPhones and iPad may not be currently supported without specific applications installed. You can, however, transfer your files to your iPhone or iPad once you have downloaded them to a desktop or laptop computer. If unsure if your device supports download of zip files refer to the manufacturer's instructions.

What format is the music in?

The download format is MP3. These files play back beautifully in iTunes, Windows Media Player, your iPhone/Android phone, etc. and include metadata such as the artist and track names. Our MP3s use variable bit-rate encoding (VBR) to shrink the size of the files while maintaining the highest quality. This means you get faster downloads and with smaller file sizes you can fit more on your device. If you have an older MP3 player that doesn't like VBR files, sorry but it may be time to upgrade your current device.

How do I unzip my album download?

When you download a music CD from Cecchetti Ballet it arrives on your computer in a compressed format called zip. Before you can add the music to your library and listen to it, you'll need to decompress, or "unzip" it. Doing this is an easy process. If you're on a Mac, double-click the file. You're done. If you're on a PC, right-click the file and choose Extract All. You're also done.
Need more instructions on how to unzip files, go here.
Open a Zip File Without Winzip

I downloaded music from Cecchetti Ballet, now how do I get it into iTunes or Windows Media Player?

How to create a playlist in iTunes

For Apple Support Click here

How do you create a playlist in Windows Media Player?

For Windows Media Player support Click here.

My download says Link is expired or you do not have access.

Send an email to the Cecchetti Ballet National Office for assistance. Please include the email address used for your Cecchetti account, the items purchased and the date of purchase. 

When I try to unzip my album I get an error message when I try to unzip my album I get a message saying the zip file is empty or invalid

These error messages indicate the same thing: that the downloaded file is incomplete, probably due to a glitch in your internet connection. The solution is to try downloading the file again (click the link in your receipt from Cecchetti). The music downloads are quite large, so if you're on a wireless connection you might try a direct connection instead if this is possible. You can verify that your download is complete by right-clicking it and selecting Properties (or if you're on a Mac, by clicking it and choosing File>Get Info). The size of your download should match the file size indicated on the track listing for each music level. This can be found on the ‘Shop’ page.

I can't find my download on my computer. I need help!

If you're using Windows, start by looking in your My Downloads and My Music folders. If your download isn't there, please try your download again. Download links are available by either logging into your account and going to the Ordered Files tab or you can use the links in the receipt Cecchetti Ballet Australia has emailed you. Always click Save (not Open) in the dialog that appears, and in the subsequent dialog, choose a location for the file, but remember to note which folder you're saving to.

My download didn't get to 100% and then it stopped. What should I do? or, My download is taking forever. Suggestions?

Go ahead and stop the download, sign into your Cecchetti Ballet Account and try again. Also, if you're on wireless try plugging directly in).

I've placed an order for E-Goods but I can't download my purchase.

There are two options of accessing your download links.

  • As a Registered User you can log into the Shop account and download by Sign In into My Account then the Purchased Orders tab.
  • Click on the link/s within the Cecchetti emailed Invoice.

Make sure it is the same email and password you registered the account with.  If you really can't get access into the account contact secretary@cecchettiballet.org directly. Provide details such as email address used, products purchased and date of purchase.

I 've placed an order for E-Goods but I haven't received any email notifications for the created order or order has been processed. 

If you haven't received emails within 2 hours and it's not in your spam folder, we suggest as a Registered User, Sign In to My Account on the Cecchetti Shop and check your order history. (In fact, you can do this process immediately after the purchase is complete if you choose.) If your most recent order is not listed, there is an issue.  Contact secretary@cecchettiballet.org directly.
We have an automated system but unfortunately, technical glitches occur and things can happen once emails leave our servers.
If you entered your email address incorrectly into PayPal it is going to be sent to an invalid account and we’ll receive an email stating it is undeliverable. Contact the National Office and an alternate means of delivery will be organised. It must be noted the onus is on the buyer to make sure the email associated with the PayPal account is valid and you have access to it.

I didn't or couldn't download my purchased files within the stipulated 3 days and now the link has expired.

Contact enrico@cecchettiballet.org or secretary@cecchettiballet.org and make sure to include information about the products you purchased, the email used to log into the Cecchetti Ballet account and date of purchase. We will renew the link/s for another 2 days.