Grade Assessments and Examinations:

Assessments have been introduced to run parallel with the grades 1 to 6 thereby enabling these students to experience an examination situation without the stress of a result whilst gaining confidence and receiving a written assessment of their performance.
All rules pertaining to the grades apply to the Assessments, however no result is given.

The examinations are designed to give the student a strong basic technique with gradual build up through the Grades. There are six grades - One, Two, Three, Four, Five and Six. The suggested minimum age for Grade candidates is 8 years old.
Candidates over 30 are termed 'mature age' students.
Grade Examination Entry Form


This syllabus has been developed for the Recreational and Vocational student who for various reasons may or may not wish to commence training in the Cecchetti Major levels. The syllabus contains some aspects of the Cecchetti Intermediate work along with a composition component and a big component on the Cecchetti Principals and how they are used throughout the syllabus. The Panel also see this as a practical and useful addition for students who may decide at a later stage to take the Associate examination as it helps with choreography and further establishes a good knowledge of theory. The report forms and marking system are totally different from any that are presently in use. The emphasis of the syllabus will be on the enjoyment, improvisation and understanding of the Cecchetti Principals, rather than technique thereby enabling the recreational student to achieve a good result. Examination one hour duration - maximum group of three students.
Dance Spectrum Form

Major Examinations:

There are three Major examinations
Advanced 1 
Advanced 2 

They substantially cover the work of the Maestro Cecchetti.

The Diploma examination completes this set of examinations.
Minimum age for a candidate for Intermediate is 13 years.

Intermediate  may be taken as a practical examination as a Dancer.  Mature age students (over 30 years) have the option of choosing either Category B(1) or B(2) as for Advanced 1 and Advanced 2.
Category B (1) minimum age of 15 years as a level of maturity is required to answer the additional theory questions. This would allow for a pointe exemption should this be necessary. (Effective January 1st 2006.)

Advanced 1 & Advanced 2  may be taken in either Category A or Category B:
Advanced 1 Category B(1) minimum age is 15 years.
Category A     as a Dancer
Category B
1)as a Dancer who will be expected to perform all the work to his or her individual ability and answer questions about the technical and artistic content as applicable to the syllabus.
2) as a mature age candidate (30 years and over)  who will be expected to at a minimum, to walk through the various exercises with some sense of the style and impetus required and explain their view of them in detail. (effective January 1st, 2004)

Progress Examinations:

No certificates are issued but a full report is given to help the student and teacher evaluate the progress of the student.

Enrico Cecchetti Diploma:

The diploma is not part of the qualifying process and can be taken without having previously passed Intermediate, Advanced 1 or Advanced 2. The Diploma gives no teaching status within Cecchetti International - Classical Ballet.
Enrico Cecchetti Diploma

Non Accredited Status Examinations:

Entry forms for ALL Non Accedited Status Examinations MUST be sent to the National Office 2 weeks prior to the State entry closing date.
Late entries received by the National Office WILL NOT be accepted.
Status Examination Form

(i) Associate:- Candidates for the Associate examination must
1. Have reached the age of 17 years
2. Have passed the Intermediate (old Elementary) examination
When lodging the application form for the Associate examination, candidates must also provide Head Office with a current Working with Children Check and First Aid certificate.
Successful candidates are entitled to enrol as Associates of Cecchetti Ballet Australia Inc. in the year in which their examination was taken. An enrolment fees plus half of the current years annual Associate Subscription fee is applicable. Once enrolled, the candidate is entitled to use the letters 'A.C.B.A - C.I.C.B.' and has provisional registration in the Cecchetti Ballet Australia Inc.
New Associate Options

Effective 2012, Cecchetti Associates are given options for their further studies. Option 1. Remain as a Cecchetti Associate whilst working for a fully qualified Cecchetti Teacher Option 2. CUA40320 Certificate IV in Dance Teaching and Management, however there will not be a student intake in 2021. Option 3. Non Accredited Cecchetti Associate Diploma. (ii) Non Accredited Associate Diploma:- Candidates must
1. Have reached the age of 18 years
2. Hold the Associate qualification in the Cecchetti method
3. Have successfully completed the Advanced 1 examination. Either as Category A or B
4. Have completed two years of teaching the Cecchetti method in a responsible position.
Have completed two years of teaching the Cecchetti method in a responsible position. Though this is not a Government Accredited examination, there is still a paperwork requirement and set study hours to be completed. Candidates can download the Course requirements from the following link
Non Accredited Associate Diploma Course

Associate Diploma non-accredited documents
Associate Diploma Anatomy assessment
Associate Diploma Anatomy assessment details
RPL Self Assessment Tool: Associate Diploma Anatomy
Associate Diploma commitment
Associate Diploma enrolment form

Entry forms for the Associate Diploma Part 2 Examination will not be accepted if the associated Paperwork has not been received by the National Office. Successful candidates are entitled to use the letters 'A.(Dip)C.B.A. - C.I.C.B '

Course in teaching the Licentiate qualification of Cecchetti Classical Ballet

(iii) Licentiate:- Candidates must
1. Have reached the age of 22 years
2. Hold their Associate Diploma in the Cecchetti method
3. Have completed five years or responsible teaching in the Cecchetti method
Successful candidates are entitled to use the letters 'L.C.B.A - C.I.C.B.'

iv) Licentiate Diploma:- Candidates must
1. Hold their Licentiate status
2.Have successfully completed the Cecchetti Ballet examinations in 'The History of Classical Ballet' and ‘Anatomy and Physiology of a Classical Dancer’.
3. Successful candidates are entitled to use the letters 'L.(Dip)C.B.A - C.I.C.B.'.

Those who are interested in doing the Licentiate Diploma Anatomy or History, please contract the National Office for more details.

Anatomy Application and Candidate Documents
Anatomy Application form
Anatomy Assessment details
Anatomy Part A & B Assessment details
Anatomy Part C Assessment details
Anatomy Module
Anatomy Assessment Rules
RPL Self Assessment Tool: Licentiate Diploma Anatomy

History Application and Candidate Documents
History Application form
History documents
History Assessment Rules

(v) Fellowship:- Candidates must
1. Have reached the age of 27 years
2. Must hold Licentiate Diploma status
3. Have passed their Advanced 2 examinaton
4. Have completed eight years of responsible teaching in the Cecchetti method.
Successful candidates are entitled to use the letters 'F.C.B.A. - C.I.C.B.'.