Conference Updates

2010 Conference Updates

Membership increase
. Effective Subscriptions 2011 there will be a $35 increase to both Active and Non Active Membership fees, Student Membership will increase by $5 and Life Members will now incur an annual Administrative fee of $35.00.   This has been brought about by the increasing costs associated with running the organisation including accreditation costs.

Announcement of Isolated Teacher Fund.
  The $1500 allocation of National Council funds for this fund has been added to for the 1st release by Energetiks to the value of $1000.  Applications will be available from the National Office or this website ‘under downloads’, and must be submitted by 15th September in any given year if you wish to apply.  Recipients will be at National Council discretion.

Change to the Ex Professional entry
. Effective July 2010, Ex Professional applicants once approval is granted by National Council, are given an exemption of the Major examination prerequisites to the Status examinations.  Successful completion of the Associate examination and beyond is required.  Prospective candidates must submit to National Council their Classical CV and references for National Councils deliberations.

Assessment Forms
– new form for 2011 divided into 4 sections with comments at each section.  A new marking criteria is also being established to support these new forms. 

State Nominations
– Office bearer positions is ALL States with the exception of the National Council Representatives in QLD and SA will be open for nomination. Forms will be posted late August to all financial members with a reply date of end September.  Members are requested to contact the office if they have not received their nomination form by the end of the 1st week of September.

In the interests of continuity, National Council Representatives from 2 States on a rotation basis, hold their elected position for a period of 6 years.  Elected National Council Representatives from Victoria and New South Wales who commence office on January 1st 2011, will stand for a period of 6 years.

Minimum age for Associate Diploma, Licentiate & Fellowship candidates
.  All minimum ages have been reduced by 1 year to accommodate the change to the Associate, which was made some years ago.

PP – Grade 1 Feedback forms
.   2009 AGM we announced that you would be receiving PP – Grade 1 feedback forms from this year.  This is not going to happen after lengthy discussions by the Examiner’s; in its place will be an etiquette/how to note, attached to your PP – Grade 1 timetable. It is hoped that teachers will use this note in the spirit it is intended – continuous improvement.

Major syllabi
– change from ‘additional’ to ‘alternative’.  Most of these changes are required at the Advanced 1 level.  These will be changed when next the ‘Notes’ go to print.

Men’s Advanced 2 Pirouette

National Council adopted the Dancer’s Notebook as Australia’s official version of the Men’s Advanced 2 and the Enrico Cecchetti Diploma some years back. However the Men’s Advanced 2 Pirouette #6 is not detailed in the Notebook so all teachers who have already purchased the Dancer’s Notebook should cut out and staple the following detailed notes to the Men’s Pirouette section. These notes will be added to any Dancer’s Notebook purchased in the future and can be found in the ‘syllabi update’ section of this website.

Enrico Diploma - 4th reference book
.  The Dancer’s Notebook will now officially be an inclusion in the listing of reference books for the Enrico Diploma

Advanced 2 DVD & CD
– is in the process of being edited and we are hopeful for a release in early January 2010.

Major examination Category A candidates.  Teachers are asked to be very careful in preparing their Major Category A candidates in their Pointe work.  Advanced 1 and beyond, Examiners are going to be looking very closely at the category A candidates ability to perform the point work – the candidates stamina has been observed as a issue as well as their technique.

‘Accurate demonstration of the syllabus’ – Examiners are going to be marking this section as ‘Accurate demonstration of the syllabus as set” ie your students will be penalised if you teach them the syllabus wrong.  Please take advantage of the resources available to you to ensure that this does not happen.

2011 State Refreshers/Conference – focus on ‘breakdown of steps’ and pointe work. 

International Competition & Bursary Eliminations.  International Competition dates – 28th, 29th & 30th July 2011, the Lowry Centre in Manchester UK followed by 2-3 days of CICB Conference and proceeded by a Summer School.  Competition candidates will be permitted free entry to the summer school.  Bursary Competition will be held on Sunday 17th April 2011 at the Darebin Arts Centre in Preston, Victoria.  Bursary Entries close March 1st 2011.  All entries and information will be available from the National Office.

Summer School Victoria 3rd – 9th January 2011.