Syllabi Updates

Syllabus Version Control

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  • Pre Primary – Grade 3 JULY 2012
  • Grade 4 – Grade 6 JULY 2012
  • Dance Spectrum 1 JANUARY 2010
  • Intermediate NOVEMBER 2008
  • Advanced 1 Female JULY 2011
  • Advanced 1 Male JULY 2011
  • Advanced 2 Female OCTOBER 2010

Syllabi Updates

Basic Steps

Grades & Majors – these are accumulative steps – Syllabi states that students must know the level they are being examined on and those from preceding levels.

Major Syllabi Dances

Optional use of ‘recorded orchestral music’ for Major Syllabi Dances where the teacher choses to choreography the dance
As per the July 2011 Examiner Meeting Minutes: the restriction on the use of orchestra music has been removed at all major levels effective January 2012.
As per the July 2011 Examiner Meeting Minutes: the use of the ‘classics’ has been amended to include Advanced 1 level.
As per the July 2011 Examiner Meeting Minutes: solo duration when the dance is being choreographed by the teacher – they must be between 1.5 to 2.5 minutes. If classics are used at Advanced 1 or 2 level, the complete solo is to be used.

Advanced 1

Allegro #6,  Jeté rond de jambe  must be shown as a double, and Pirouette #3; Pirouette en dehors ending in extension en l’air must also be shown as a double – effective 2014.

Associate Diploma Part 1 Practical Examination

Reiterating option of use of ‘recorded piano music’ for Associate Dip Part 1 class. Associate Diploma Part 1 examination must be a ‘live’ pianist but their choreographed enchaînements may be recorded piano music. 

Category 4 Centres

All Enrico Cecchetti Diploma and Fellowship examinations must be held in the designated State examination centre, not in individual teachers’ studios.

Syllabi Clarification from the Examiners Advisory Panel Meeting

July 2010 - includes Advanced 2 Mens Pirouette
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Amendments to the grade theory booklet

Please ensure that your students update their Theory Booklet to reflect the following:
Grade 4
Jeté under has been removed from the basic steps
Grade 6
Basic steps shown in a series, should read Pas de bourrée under not devant

A DVD is now available which contains all updates for Pre Primary - Grade 6
As now reflected in the Pre Primary - Grade 3 Technical Notes July 2012 & the Grade 4 - Grade 6 Technical Notes July 2012. Please contact the National Office for your copy.
Cost $35.00 plus P&H if purchasing on its own or $10.00 when purchased in conjunction with a copy of either the Pre Primary - Grade 3 or Grade 4 - 6 DVD's.
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